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How to find the mouse pointer in Windows 8.1

How to find the mouse pointer in Windows 8.1

To open the 'Ease of Access Center' in the Control Panel

  • Press the 'Windows' key + U.


  • Move the mouse pointer to the upper right hand corner of the screen to reveal the charms.
  • Click on the 'Search' charm – the one with the magnification glass icon.
  • Type the query 'Ease of Access Center' in the search box (Fig 1).
  • Click on the button 'Ease of Access Center'.

Figure 1: Using the search to go to the Ease of Access Center

Figure 2: Ease of Access Center

To make the mouse easier to see

From the 'Ease of Access Center:

  • Select ‘Make the mouse easier to use’.
  • Select ‘Mouse Settings’ under 'See also', on the bottom. This opens the ‘Mouse Properties’ window.
  • Select the 'Pointers' tab. Here you can customise your mouse pointer to one you can easily see.
  • Select the ‘Pointer Options’ tab. The 'Visibility' settings allow you to improve the visibility of the mouse pointer on the screen. To turn on Display pointer trail press ‘Alt’ + ‘D’ or click to select (Fig 3).
  • To hide the mouse pointer when typing turn on Hide pointer while typing – press ‘Alt’ + ‘H’ or click to select.
  • Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key allows you to locate the mouse pointer by pressing the Ctrl key, click to select or press ‘Alt’ + ‘S’.

Figure 3

To do the same from the Desktop

You can also make the mouse easier to find by right clicking anywhere on the desktop and select ‘Personalise’. Select ‘Change mouse pointers’ – this opens the mouse properties window as described above.

Note: If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help.

Created on: January-17-2017

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