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How to use guided access in iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

How to use guided access in iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

This is particularly useful for children in a classroom, people with autism or those with attention and sensory challenges who have difficulty concentrating or are tempted to explore other areas of the app or device. 

  •  To activate the ‘Accessibility’ features on your device select ‘Settings’ ‘General’ + ‘Accessibility’.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Tap to select the ‘Guided Access’ button.


  • To activate ‘Guided Access’ tap the toggle switch for ‘Guided Access’.


  • Tap to select the ‘Passcode Settings’ button – this is used when ‘Guided Access’ is enabled and prevents someone from leaving an active session.


  • ‘Guided Access’ can be activated using the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’. To do this, tap the toggle switch for ‘Accessibility Shortcut’.


  • To start a session, open the required app.
  • Triple-click ‘Home’
  • Select the setting for the session, then select ‘Start’.


Created on: December-05-2014

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