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How to use text to speech in Android Jelly Bean

How to use text to speech in Android Jelly Bean

This page explains how to use text to speech output on your Android phone or tablet, which can read content out to you automatically

  • To activate the Accessibility features on your android device select ‘Settings’ under 'System' and then select ‘Accessibility’

Preferred Engine

  • Tap to select ‘Text-to-speech output'.
  • By default the Google Text-to-speech engine is selected.
  • Tap to select the ‘Settings’ option you can change the Language.
  • Tap to select ‘Install voice data’ allows you to install additional speech synthesis for your device.


Speech rate

You can alter the speech rate by tap to select from one of the options:

  • Very slow
  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast
  • Very Fast

Listen to an example

  • You can select this option to demonstrate the speech rate.

NOTE: These instructions apply to the standard version of Android as found in the Google Nexus range.  They also apply to other devices (as long as they are using the same operating system) but please be aware that there may be minor differences.  This is due to the custom ‘skins’ some companies apply to their mobile devices instead of the stock Android theme.

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