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How to use common keyboard shortcuts in Chrome OS on Chromebooks

How to use common keyboard shortcuts in Chrome OS on Chromebooks

Keys Shortcut Name Description
Ctrl + Alt + ? Shortcuts Open the keyboard shortcuts viewer to see all available Chromebook shortcuts.
Ctrl + x Cut Remove the selected item and copy it to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + c Copy Copy the selected item to the Clipboard.
Ctrl + v Paste Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app.
Ctrl + z Undo Undo the previous command or action.
Shift + Ctrl + z Redo Redo the previous command.
Ctrl + a Select All Select all items on a page.
Ctrl + f Find Find text in the current document or window.
Ctrl + g Find Again Find the next occurrence of the item previously found.
Ctrl + n New Open a new window or document.
Ctrl + t Tab Open a new tab in the current window.
Ctrl + s Save Save the current document.
Ctrl + o Open Select a document to open.
Ctrl + w Close Close the current document or tab.
Ctrl + Shift + w Close Window Close the current window.
Ctrl + p Print Print the current document.
Ctrl + down arrow Page Down Jump down the page in large steps.
Ctrl + up arrow Page Up Jump up the page is large steps.
Ctrl + r Reload Reload the current tab.
Ctrl + h History Show history for documents and websites.
Ctrl + Tab Next Tab Cycle through all open tabs in the current window.
Alt + Tab Switch Windows Switch to the most recently used window or press tab repeatedly to cycle through your open windows.

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